Thomas               Konkol


     Living in Bangkok,Thailand, Raeng confronts many complications that arise from losing his job and having the responsibility of taking care of his mom. When all hope is lost for finding work, he is soon brought upon an old tuk-tuk for sale. Not knowing what adventures await him, Raeng spends his savings and embarks upon the new challenge, learning the hard way on what it takes to taxi people around town.

     Forced to deal with street thugs and his tuk-tuk nearly

destroyed, Raeng withstands many hardships leading to the fatal catastrophe that stops the city.

     With Raeng’s struggles at their worst and his mom hospitalized, strange events begin to happen involving a mysterious tuk-tuk speeding through downtown. Known to the city as “Beep-Beep”, the tuk-tuk stops at nothing to elude the ones that try to catch her. Action ensues when Beep-Beep hits the streets, causing mass excitement to erupt everywhere.

A Book Snaps Publication

Written by

Thomas W. Konkol

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