Thomas              Konkol


Commercials for the world famous Whoa! shoes.

Created, directed, shot, and edited by: Thomas Konkol and Richard Dorton


The great San Clemente Office Chair Race of 2008!  Modified office chair carts race down Rosa and Victoria avenues.

Shot and edited by: Thomas Konkol

Zombie extra who gets beaten and shot many times, only to rise up and consume his victims.

Spike’s Saga

Lead roll as Spike the monster hunter, who saves Chicago!

Miracle On 34th Street

Man in bright white shirt in court room scene for the remake of Miracle On 34th Street.

Zombie Mayhem

Directed, shot, and edited by Thomas Konkol

Written by: Thomas Konkol, Matthew Blinn & Steven Parsons

Unemployed Zombie

The life of a zombie who loses his job and has to find a new one.

Shoe Tie

When one man angers another by tying his shoes in the middle of the street.

Soul Grind

Grind railings with a pair of Whoa! shoes Soul Grinds... not your face!


It is a sure tell when wearing a pair of Whoa! shoes and hitting a great hand!


When zombies attack and overtake the city, make sure you tie your Whoa! shoes.

Zombified Lost Footage

The lost footage from when the zombies attacked.

2008 Office Chair Race

2009 Office Chair Race

This year Steve Racer is determined to finish better than last place (like he did in 2008). What better way to increase the speed of an office chair car? Why, rockets, of course! So, after many failed attempts and a call to Acme, the Mark 4 rockets are installed and it is on to the race.

Directed and shot by: Thomas Konkol

Edited by: Thomas Konkol & Steven Parsons

Directed, shot, and edited by Thomas Konkol

Written by: Thomas Konkol

Episode 2

Episode 1

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Drip Drip Trailer

Trailer for the independent video game “Drip Drip” by Imminent Games.

Gameplay capture, edited, and sounds by: Thomas Konkol