Video Slot Art

Thomas              Konkol


Here are just a few samples of some of the art I did for a mobile video slot game. Lightning Slots is based off of the video game Drip Drip and has not been released yet. All of the art and design you see was done by Thomas Konkol.

This is the lobby page for the Lightning Slots game. Here is where the player can choose different slot games based off a city from the USA. The player can also track their progress as to how far along the map they are. In the actual game the lightning randomly strikes from the three clouds.

This is the slot layout for the Phoenix game. It has tiles from many of the different games in Lightning Slots. The tiles represent the different cities and buildings for each game. Wild and City Scatter tiles are also included. In the actual game rain occurs behind the building. Lightning strikes down on the sides of the building when the player does well.

© 2015 Thomas Konkol

Here are a few of the Win messages that come on screen when the player hits it big.

And some random images.